Meema Pants

Recently I was in Lenscrafters looking into new glasses. The young man working with me was very attentive and professional. After completing my business I started to leave the store when an employee who I had not noticed loudly proclaimed “Meema!” He was looking at me, but surely not talking to me. I was wrong. This young man walked over to me and told me that my pants reminded him of his “Meema in Florida.” I was speechless, but he was not. He proceeded to tell me how much my pants made him think of his grandmother who wore similar ones and always with brightly colored tops. I was wearing a black sweater. 

I told him that I was sure his grandmother would love to know he’s thinking of her. I left the store and returned home deep in thought. Before I exited my car I took this photo of the pants fabric with its tiny embroidered work. IMG_7365

I have a “donation” box in my garage where I collect clothes for a homeless shelter in Southern Indiana. Suffice it to say that by the time I reached the inside of my home, I was sans the Meema pants. 

“Older women are best because they always think                                                  they may be doing it for the last time.” Ian Fleming



9 thoughts on “Meema Pants

  1. How sweet. I love this story bc he reached out. This is intimacy that we miss out on when we stay in our heads. I’m sure the memory of his grandmother was all the richer for speaking out. You should keep the pants – obviously you like them, you wore them out. I like them.

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  2. Did you know,
    the best moms get promoted to meema’s.
    You should be proud you remind that young man of his grandmother.
    Keep wearing those pants !

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  3. Oh Auntie, you are giving me quite a chuckle with your Meemaw pants story… I’m with you… if you feel uncomfortable with the thought that the pants have transported you to the “Meemaw” zone, where you don’t want to be, chuck them.

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  4. I appreciate your story, about the Meema pants, I always called my grandmothers, MeMaw. It made me stop and reflect on them both:) I think it was sweet of him to share his thoughts about your pants, it obviously brought him joy to think of his Meema:)

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  5. I wish I could have seen the look on your face. Love this story. But I couldn’t get the attached picture to open to see the pants. I probably have several pair in my closet. 😁

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