Mystery to Solve

My readers are smart and always quick with comments so I’m sure I’ll get the help that I need to solve this mystery. I just want to know why all my tee shirts get one tiny hole in the same place, lower front. I don’t even care about prevention, I just need the answer as to how it happens. It has been on my mind for years now! 

Does this happen to you? 


Yes, I do realize there are more important things to worry about, so don’t bother to throw that out, okay? I also care about nuclear weapons, water pollution and the hole in the ozone.

“Don’t become a mere recorder of  facts but try to penetrate the mystery of their origin.” Ivan Pavlov



14 thoughts on “Mystery

  1. Looks like a bullet hole to me. Do you remember being shot every time? Ice pick? Caught in zipper? Lean up against something sharp? Something in your car?

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  2. a really interesting question — and probably more worth pondering than the hole in the ozone layer, which you can do nothing about. 🙂
    It only takes one small puncture of the fabric and the knit will “run” a bit. If it’s always in the same spot, I’d guess it’s something rough or sharp you’re leaning against as you do a certain task. For example a splinter or nail head on the edge of a counter, or a sharp corner on a dresser that snags your tee and rips a few small threads. Later in the laundry the hole spreads a bit.
    Will there be a prize for the best suggestion? 🙂

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  3. My guess is that perhaps one of your four-legged humans inadvertently leaves something to remember him’her by when you re cuddling. It could also be something on a plant which snags you . Other than that, an over-sexed moth just loves taking aim as the shirt hangs in a closet. Lastly, you are a closet golfer and you scored a hole-in-one.

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  4. t’s a mystery to me too, Sue. I’ve really noticed it more recently, since we moved here to Carrington Greene. I have it on my T-shirts and my slip over tops,some of which are more expensive that T-shirts????

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  5. I believe it is from the tiny fairies who need the smallest of assorted colors to finish their ensembles and wings.

    That they choose your clothes due to the great colors and fabric should make your heart sing!

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  6. Do either of your cats jump on your lap and snag with their claws ?
    Maybe the seat belt, belt buckle or a zipper rubbing against your clothing.
    Do you have moths or bugs that love that one spot !

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  7. Very interesting question with I am sure as many answers as your readers. Probably a combination of cheaper materials, less materials and friction. I don’t believe the bug theory as it doesn’t happen with all clothes just the thinner ones. That’s my take.

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