Year of the Woman 2018

Since the “Year of the Woman” 1992, 1993, 1994, etc., at least one woman has remained in a position of power, Ruth Bader Ginsberg. We owe tribute to her. She deserves all the recognition and honor that has been bestowed upon her to this point and more. This eighty-one year old may look frail, but I see her as strong as steel. Ginsberg is not the only woman who has served on the Supreme Court or even the first. She is not the longest serving Justice, either, but she was appointed in 1993, almost twenty-five years ago and she serves with strength and dignity. 26219909_10159808716480297_2166951116171513033_n

#Me Too

Is it possible that the so-called “me too” movement currently sweeping the US will be the turning point for women? Is it likely that women will finally be treated with equity? I want to be optimistic, but I am not, at this point, even hopeful. What will it take? I do not know, but I do know what is at stake. 

At stake is every inch of progress made to date. At stake are healthcare and childcare and the overall economic stability of women and their families. In 2016 the pay gap for women was 20%! According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research if progress continues at the rate of the past fifty years it will be 2059 before there is pay equity between women and men. For women of color, it will be well into the next century.

What is the answer? If only it were that simple, but there are many changes that must be made and while men are important to this cause and their support is essential, it is women who must step up. 

Step Up

  • Run for office
  • Vote in each election
  • Expect (demand) more
  • Educate girls
    • We might begin by recognizing their strength and intellect ahead of their appearance
  • Support other women politically, in business and personally. 

These are a few things that come to mind at the moment but there are many more. Let’s not be afraid of the fight. The suffragettes endured real physical pain for the right to vote and if you aren’t sure about that, I challenge  you to see the 2004 movie, “Iron Jawed Angels” now available free on YouTube: fullsizeoutput_18b5

If you have not seen this movie, please watch it, show it to your daughters and your granddaughters. While we’re at it, let’s include the men and boys. We all need to know this history. 

“Paradoxically, the most constructive thing women can do is to write, for in the act of writing we deny our muteness and begin to eliminate some of the difficulties that have been put upon us.” Dale Spender

Whether we write, speak or teach . . . . No matter how we lead, the important thing is that we be not mute! 


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3 thoughts on “Year of the Woman 2018

  1. I love RBG. Because of her appearance, she is often overlooked or dismissed, but her wisdom belies that mistaken notion. The time is now for us to effect change. 2059 is too far away. Women comprise the majority of the population, both here in Kentucky and nationally. We can do this NOW!!!

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  2. Tonight I saw a story on the news about women in Saudi Arabia. Tonight at midnight a ban on their driving will be lifted. DRIVING! Tonight many men and women will go home after 12 hours of work – some multiple part time jobs and some the same factory job that requires them to work 6 or 7 days of the week without a choice. Many will be denied insurance and rest periods that are suitable for drinking adequate water in hot factory environments and having bathroom breaks. While I agree that women should get pay equity the issue is that the work force is not appreciated and the voice of the American non-professional and professional workforce is being muted by a cry out for more money in the Me Too Movement of Corporate Greed. 60,000 isn’t enough; 80,000 isn’t enough; & 100,000 isn’t enough. Salaries at the top are in the 1/4; 1/2 and full million dollar range. I think that people at the top – men and women alike (albeit far less women at the top) are paid insane and immoral amounts of money. Until this is greed goes away and corporate entities understand it is a CORPORATE effort then it’s hard to focus on the pay equity of men and women. I know that this is wrong – all are important but minimum wage must raise for people to be able to put their energies into their families and by doing so come to appreciate the female child and and their unique struggles. That’s when things will change for the female gender and equality will flourish. It is when we see the value in human beings – otherwise it’s just noise. We are moving backwards in our culture of sufficiency that allows for the people to having higher ideals as history has taught us. We are back in survival mode unfortunately as a whole. I’m sure that a fair argument can be made that those at the bottom have a disparity between males and females and that certainly matters but when your hungry there’s no relativity. Hunger is hunger and it is resulting in the obesely (and grossly thin and unable to concentrate) malnourished children of America.

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