Looking Back

Do You Remember?

  • Sprinkling laundry and refrigerating it in a plastic bag before ironing? Do you even remember ironing?
  • Cars not having air-conditioning, turn signals, seat belts nor heaven help us, cup holders?
  • Dialing a telephone, i.e., spinning that dial with one finger?
  • Car hops who delivered your food order which you then ate in the car?
  • Visiting folks without calling before dropping in?
  • When you kept up with relatives and friends by writing letters, known today as snail mail? 


  • Blue Laws which required businesses to stay closed on Sunday? And, then later when they were allowed to open only after church “let out” at noon?
  • Women not wearing pants to church or much of anywhere else? I remember the first nurse who wore a pants uniform in our city. There was an article and photo in the local newspaper!
  •  When cameras had both film and flashbulbs? 


  • When schools had recess?
  • Books were not audible?
  • When passengers smoked on airplanes during flight?
  • Farmers (usually the wife) killing their chickens for food? 
  • When unwanted pets were “dropped”?  Sadly, it still happens today. Here’s one named Jackson that was fortunate enough to be found and adopted.IMG_6272

I Remember

And the list could go on and on.  I make no judgment. For the most part, I like the ways things are today and I love technology. That does not mean I don’t grow nostalgic at times thinking about how some things were in the past. 


9 thoughts on “Looking Back

  1. Yes, I remember all those things.
    I still have one pair of cotton shorts that I sprinkle before ironing them.
    My great-nieces and nephews get a thrill out if getting my letters in the mail.
    How awful was it when people smoked in planes! It is a wonder we din’t all have lung cancer.
    And yes, I watched my grandmother kill a chicken to cook for lunch (which was then dinner and the night meal as supper). I still can see that hicken hanging on the line with its neck chopped off. Ugh!
    We could also reminisce about the things that have been invented during our lifetime. I wonder what the young people of today will miss when they are older. I pray that it is not a time of safety and peace (although for some people, that is today).

    Thanks for the reminders of how fortunate we are for conveniences and also for the love and laughter of which some of these remind us. ( Whoever said we should. It have dangling participles at the end of sentences other than my ninth grade English teacher? I would much rather say “love and laughter that these remind us of. ).

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  2. Unsure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I remember each and everything you mentioned. Several of them, I still use/do. Either this means I have a good memory or I am OLD, or more likely, a combination of both!

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  3. Reading this brought many memories. It allowed reflections of a time that seemed so old fashion, at a time that I could not wait to become old, and to escape. I remember my Mom sprinkling the clothes, making them smooth. I could not wait for Dad to buy a car with AC and power windows. I remember these words, “ you will love them when they do not work!”

    I, as you, love most of the “ technology,” however, I miss the one thing that “Tech,”has stolen, the Individual.

    I love your writings! This one was a wonderful reminder of a Time, only some can read about. We, lived within it.

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  4. I remember riding my bike for hours in the neighborhood and it feeling and being safe. I also remember catching lightning bugs and watching them in the jar at night and feeling a little sad. Now that I know their life is extremely short I feel REALLY sad but that’s not the purpose of the reply. I’m not sure how often we did it but it felt like a lot – watching Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom as a family and walking to a Dairy Queen like establishment on special hot Saturday nights. One time I wore a favorite glow in the dark shirt – it was wonderful (the shirt, walking ahead of my parents in the dark and the ice cream)!

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