Life is Short

There are things in life that just don’t seem worth it, especially when you consider that life is short. The older I get the more things I find not worth the effort, time or discomfort. I realize that this is in part due to simply being a senior, but I want more credit than that. Much of what I’ve decided life is too short for is due to experience and wisdom. 

Life’s Too Short

  • To wear a bra
  • To eat (or drink) kale
  • To not see the ocean as often as the opportunity presents itself
  • To not dig in the dirt
  • To not pause for nature

Dirt Bird nature-3313973_1280

  • To not “look up at the stars” as Stephen Hawking said
  • To spend it worrying about the past


  • To waste time on Facebook
  • To not spend time with loved ones including friends at every opportunity 
  • To not laugh
  • Did I mention wearing a bra?

How about you? Are there things you would list?


“I find it delightful that the optimal way I can live my life from moment-to-moment is also the optimal way I can prepare for my death, and equally delightful that acknowledging our future death is a prerequisite for living a truly joyful life now.”  Ram Dass


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7 thoughts on “Life is Short

  1. All in with the bra… It and shoes are the first to come off when I return home. Regrets- we can’t change what is, but can use it as an opportunity to learn and not repeat. I especially liked the kale comment. As a child, when I walked in the door after school and smelled it cooking, I remember thinking I was so clever by telling Mom, “It smells like kale in here”, because I was really saying, it smells like hell in here.

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  2. Ok, here goes. Comments on your comments:
    1. Life is too short to wear uncomfortable clothes except for special occasions.
    2. Kale, beets, broccoli, spaghetti squash, celery, Brussels sprouts, cooked cabbage, and even spinach (raw) are all goods that I have learned to like as an adult. But yes, if I don’t like a food, I try it but then do not eat it again if it doesn’t taste good to me
    3. I feel about the mountains as you do the ocean. I get there as often as I can.
    4. I don’t dig in the dirt very often any more and don’t Really miss it but certainly enjoyed it when I did.
    5. As you know, I always pause for nature—- one of my favorite things. “Man tires quickly of discoveries and inventions, but never of the beauty and wonder of nature.” D.L. Paul
    Of course there are probably adults who were forced to go camping as children and didn’t like it who would disagree.
    6. I love the stars and look at them often. I have asked my family that if I am in a nursing home and can’t get out on my own, to come occasionally and take me out to see the stars. One of my two best memories is seeing the Milky Way at Red River Gorge back in the 70’s and seeing the vivid stars in Monument Valley.
    7. It is a waste of time to worry about the past unless it helps you change the future. It is often hard not to worry about the past and it haunts us at nights.
    8. Facebook is a pleasure for me because it keeps me connected with my family who are scattered throughout the USA.
    9. Totally agree on family. I am so very thankful for my family.
    10. True spontaneous laughter is the best.
    Now for some of my own
    11. Life is too short to “sweat the small stuff.”
    12. To hold grudges,
    13. To judge people without knowing what their lives are like,
    14. To say unkind things to people ,
    15. To have road rage

    Ok enough for me. Thanks for making me think.

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  3. One more —- people are gone too soon—love and appreciate them now.
    I am sure there is a frivolous one but I can’t think of it now.

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  4. 2 more:
    Life is too short to get in a hurry, except when people are waiting for you.

    Life is too short to spend time worrying about what people think of you.

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  5. Somehow a comment by “Kay” ended up in a space w/o a post and a name (beach) which isn’t a post! I have no idea how WordPress managed to mess it up like that: So here is Kay’s comment: Yes, Sue, I totally agree, I have heard it said, and I will repeat it, “Life is too short to sweat the small stuff!” Sue 5/30/18


  6. Life is too short not to make your childhood wishes come true – hence the motorcycle. There are some places I want to see before I travel from this life but more important to me are the stretches of my comfort level. To do so is to feel alive.

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