Torn Between Philosophies 


Exercise, Diet, Meditate  



Life is Short, Eat the Cake






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3 thoughts on “Torn

  1. For me, the answer has to be the first option, although I would not pass judgement on anyone who chooses the second one. Life is indeed short but I am alive and reasonably well today because of having lived a life of too much of the second one. As my body has aged, it is what feeds my spirit that fuels me, keeps me going. The philosophy of “you only go around once in life” has its merits, but for health reasons, I would not be alive today if I had continued with the way I used to live. It was more along the lines, live to eat rather than eat to live. For those who have will power, option two works and I am happy (and maybe a tad jealous) for them.
    This topic is indeed food for thought, and 100% calorie-free!!!

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  2. Quite a dilemma. I guess I would have to say that I believe in moderation. Eat, exercise and mediate but on special occasions, eat the cake.
    Developing healthy habits is important but not to the point of being obsessed.

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  3. If one is fortunate enough to awaken to a new day….
    Meditate, be thankful to the Creator that gives Life, Breath, surrounding beauty, forgiveness, Hope, and Love,
    connection of hearts of family, special friends. and animal friends.

    Excercise the Mind with Love, forgiveness, all beautiful things.
    Excercise of the Body is good to moderation. Too much of anything is cruel to the Soul and Body.
    Diet; my latent thoughts of this concept, Eat to live( feed the Mind Body and Soul with good things.

    Save room and time to eat!!Eat the cake!

    ( ? ) EAT The Cake!
    At the end of each person’s earthly life, it WILL not matter.
    We were made from a speck, And we will be a speck after death.

    I believe all life is to be good to Life.
    Too much consumption of any thing
    is contrary to the Being.

    Life; is a short journey. Live it to the max! without harming Self or Others.

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