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“So many books, so little time.” Frank Zappa 

Do you have a book inside yourself?

Many, if not most, readers feel they could write a book. I bet that you have considered it or attempted it. One of my daughters has encouraged me to write for so many years that I am surprised that she hasn’t given up. She has provided many texts for guidance and even a little sign that hangs in my office which says “Award Winning Author at Work.” In spite of all the encouragement, I haven’t made an attempt as an adult. 

Do you journal?

If not, you should probably consider it now. I have never been very faithful in writing daily in a journal, but when I traveled for work, I often wrote down thoughts along the way and they have been one source of material for this blog. Many of the scribblings I still run across are valuable to jog my memory and prompt smiles or sometimes tears. 


We discussed poetry and some of you took the challenge to write a poem a long time ago. I also happen to know that more than one of the readers of Crooked Creek are very talented poets with years of work to their credit. You know who you are and you should definitely publish! I am not a poet by any stretch as my lines below will demonstrate. Had it not been for my attempt at journaling, however, I would not have these lines from 1993.

Waves of Time

Time, like waves upon the sea, though predictable, may catch one unaware. 

The same, be it waves of time or tide, possess the power to generate joy or pain.    

A rare and special friendship, though far away, burns steadily through time like a lighthouse glowing through the tide.                                                         

Good Reads

Although I admit that I have not kept my Good Reads account up to date I still believe that it is a useful website for readers. Even if you do not want to catalog your books in one of the many ways provided it is an excellent source of book reviews.  If you have not already check it out and see if it would be worthwhile. If any of you readers are active in Good Reads and would like to share the advantages that would be great!

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”                          Marcus Tullius Cicero


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  1. When in the eight grade I naively started a book, entitled “Tennessee Ten” and completed about 10 handwritten pages! It was awful of course.
  2. I have a few books by authors who I greatly respected until some current event, such as the #MeToo movement, changed my mind. 
  3. One of my blog readers has told me privately that I should concentrate on writing humor, but honestly, sometimes things just aren’t that funny, at least not on a regular basis.


Reader Feedback

Another reader weighed in with their earliest book memories: Clifford the Big Red Dog”, “Jack and the Beanstalk” and “Ferdinand the Bull.” 

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4 thoughts on “Books 5

  1. Whoever dubbed you a poet knows you well, as do those who call you a writer. You are both! You write from within, something I appreciate more than you know. As for poetry, I have written some simple, oft times personalized poems, and some more to express a pain of some sort. One in particular I don’t recall ever sharing because it is from a far darker period in my life, in the mid ’70s. Not sure if I will share it all here but will the beginning lines.
    Today I should be up, instead,
    confusing thoughts are running through my head.
    Just what is this Peace on earth that is only
    present at Christmas.?
    Do we celebrate a birth?
    Does cheer
    come in a bottle labeled beer?
    The cruel words that came from Mother.
    Sometimes I wish I had another. (Feelings changed markedly as I aged but this was written when she gave me three yards of material and said maybe I could find someone to sew for me so I would know how hard it had been for her all those years. She knew instantly how her words stung when I bawled and she never again uttered words other than kind and loving ones).
    If you feel this should not be on the page, please feel free to delete.

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  2. You have an interesting collection of books.
    As for journaling, From time to time I have journaled each day, especially when traveling, but usually the entries are more factual. Occasionally there are some perspective comments thrown in.
    My mother kept a journal for much of her life and they were a joy to read after she was gone.

    Loved your poem.

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