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First Book Memory? 

What is the first book that you remember? For this exercise, the Holy Books such as the Bible or Qur’an do not count. Many children are read these sacred books at home and/or in religious classes. Such books contain many stories suitable for young children and they may actually be the first memories of a storybook. Let’s think outside that genre looking at books that are a few centuries more current.

My First Book Memory    fullsizeoutput_13f2

It was a long, long time ago when living on Crooked Creek that I remember my Mother reading a book to my older brother, Norman, and me. The book that I can see her holding had a soft cover and was very worn. It looked nothing like the copy I bought a few years ago (pictured above). I wish that as an adult I had discussed Toby Tyler with Mom or my brother, but I don’t recall that I did and it is now too late. I vaguely remembered that Toby was a little boy who ran away with the circus, but that is all that I could recall.

Buying and reading the new copy in 2003 was upsetting in so many ways. First of all, it is one of the saddest books I have read. I just cried again today re-reading it all the way through in a few hours. It seems cruel if it was intended as a children’s book, which it seems to be. Funny, though that I do not remember being traumatized hearing it read as a child. Perhaps my Mom didn’t finish it or made up happy parts to cover the cruel events in Toby’s life. Minnie was fully capable of doing that.  

Regardless, I have a feeling that many times memories are simply better than the event itself. Perhaps it was that time of closeness, hearing my Mother read that made it so special.  

Do You Have a Bookshelf?

Where do you keep the books you’ve read or plan to read? Do you have bookshelves and if so how do you organize them? I often see books organized by similar color, especially in magazines and home furnishing stores. It does look nice, but unless I remembered the color of a particular book, I might have trouble finding it easily. I think that arrangement is more for decor than utility. I hang my clothes in the closet by color, but my books are organized by genre, more or less. This works for me, a person often accused of being obsessively organized. 

My bookshelves (above) are very traditional but apparently there are more creative ways to store your books. By coincidence our local newspaper advertised bookshelves the day after this was written. Here are some other options.


How do you feel about Coffee Table Books?

I have to admit that is not a question I would have thought of presenting, except that I heard someone say recently that they were not that into coffee table books. I won’t say who it was (my firstborn), but it caused me to pause. After some thought, I realized that I might love the book and appreciate its wonderful photography and still not want it to live on my coffee table for long. You? 


  1. I feel it necessary to tell you that my therapist daughter says my organizational skill is all an “illusion” but what does she know? 

Coming Up: Your Favorite Book/Author

Part 2 of 5


Reader Feedback

After the first post on February 19, I was amazed by the immediate feedback from two book lovers! They shared many of their family memories, favorite books, and reading habits. I was especially touched by one sharing that she was reading to two separate family members when their lives came to an end.

Please read the comments of Pat and Lula in the last post. (Note: the only two at the time of this writing, certainly more may be added later.)


8 thoughts on “Books 2

  1. I jumped the gun and discussed two of these topics in a previous comment. Just briefly, the first books I remember reading for myself were Dick and Jane (special place in my heart for these) and Boxcar Children.
    Secondly I keep my books in two bookcases–on in the garage and one in bedroom.

    Now for additional comments: I do not remember ever having someone read to me. I am not sure why–whether I just do not remember it or if it didn’t happen because we didn’t have many books around or because my mother was too busy taking care of us.

    Secondly, I have noticed that many nursery rhymes are quite cruel– rock a bye baby, Humpty Dumpty, etc.

    Arrangement of my books—alphabetical so I can check which ones I have and whether I need to head to the bookstore (that is another topic–bookstores an doffice supply stores). I even keep a list in my purse of Books read and books I have so I don’t duplicate—just in case I come across a great book sale like last year inPennsylvania where I got a bunch of recent hard back books for $1.

    Coffee table books–at my last move, I disposed of several beautiful books by donating them. However I have kept some with gorgeous photography, that are historically significant or motivational. From time to time when someone is visiting, I ask if he/she would like the book or take one to my aunt in assisted living. At least I know they will be appreciated.

    Thanks for your discussion of the many facets of reading. It is certainly one of my favorite past-times and one that has kept me up late many nights.

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  2. The first book I recall being read to us was A Tree for Peter. I believe the author was Kate Seredy(?). It was about a child with a disability who warmly greeted everyone, A man gave Peter a shovel and pail and with that, seeds of hope sprang up all around the Shantytown. People gardened, talked to each other, built things as well as relationships. The one thing that lingers with me to this day is hope.

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    1. Thank you. This is a new book to me, but so often trees are portrayed in almost human terms of goodness. The more we discover about trees and their interconnectedness and positive energy the more we should strive to follow their lead. IMHO


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