Do You Still Read Books?

Do you have books or do you use a Kindle or other eReader? Do you read or listen to electronic books? Since all the information in the world is available on the Internet, do we even need books anymore?



If you still have real paper books where do you store them? What do you do with a book when you’ve finished reading it? Do you loan it to a friend? Do you donate it or sell it for a fraction of the price you paid for it? Or can you not part with it at all?

Exploring Books

Over the next few blog posts let’s talk about books and what they mean to us in today’s world.  Let’s discuss how and what we read and how that has changed over time. I look forward our discussion and will start out with a brief confession about my reading.


I have always been a very slow reader. I cannot scan. I cannot rush and still comprehend written material. For some reason, I seem to mentally pronounce each little preposition and I often must go back and reread a sentence or paragraph because my mind has wandered onto some earth shattering issue or maybe my grocery list. 

Coming Up: Your First Book Memory and Your Bookshelf

Part 1 of 5



6 thoughts on “Books

  1. I LOVE books. We were raised without a TV and learned from both parents to love books. They always were reading, either quietly to themselves, or to us as we gathered around them.
    I am sure this goes on throughout Jefferson County but here in the Highlands, there are many books repositories along various streets where people may borrow a book or donate books for others to read. One of my children also loved books and used to read up to 5 per week. When we first got cable in the early-to-mid 80s, she got so frustrated with the amount of TV viewing that she asked us if anybody was ever going to read again in our house. She was probably 8-10 years old at the time. She didn’t read simple books but actual thick books. It was her favorite pastime.
    Although we live in a different world nowadays, there is still something calming about curling up with a good book.. no commercial interruptions..
    I love these posts and thank you for helping me remember the “good ole days”.

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  2. I LOVE BOOKS! Therefore I do not use an electronic device to read books However I do listen to audio books when traveling.Perhaps I am preparing for the time when my eyesight is gone as my mother used to warn me about when I read with not enough light.

    My first experience with reading was Dick and Jane and those books have a special place in my heart. I even have a “modern” version, written in the 70’s or 80’s. One of the characters, I think Sallie, is an Amway dealer and one of them is doing yoga. A friend gave it to me for my birthday. I also have a copy of one like the first one I read.

    Next came the Boxcar Children series which I got from the school library. We did not have money for many books so my mother, who loved to read, encouraged to bring home books from the tiny school library. One of the books I remember reading was Little Women.

    As an adult, while I was working, I read motivational and professional books and in the summers or on vacations, I read mysteries, biographies, and family stories– nothing too taxing for the mind. That is mostly what I read now. Some of my favorite authors are Mary Higgins Clark, Harlan Coban, Lisa Gardner, Nicholas Sparks,etc.

    A series I really like that I found a few years ago is Miss Julie by Ann Ross. I love when I find another one of the series. The main character is always surprising in the antics with which she gets involved in her small town.

    I have kept a list for many years of the books I have read so I don’t buy them twice. Usually I buy my books at the Half Price Book store (except for Mary Higgins Clark for which I will pay full price when the paperback edition comes out) and at book sales in the community. Many of my books I pass on to my sister and brother-in-law, then take them to Half Price Books when they are returned. half Price Bookstore does not give much for the books but I am glad they are recycled.

    A long time ago, I kept a lot of books, but due to lack of space, I keep only special ones and some beautiful “coffee table books.” I have a small(in size) Works of William Shakespeare that I have had since about age 13 and one of the same title from college.
    I was reading by my brother’s and mother’s bedside when each died and have not been able to finish either book so I still have them. Coincidentally they were by the same author and both books had the word “heart” in the title. I do have a stockpile of books in one 2-shelf bookshelf in the condo and one 4-shelf bookshelf in the garage. I always have a good supply of books.
    When I was young, we had few books in our house, as mentioned above, so when I went to my friends’ houses, I loved reading magazines. As a working adult, For some time I had several magazine subscriptions, until I realized there was no way that I could keep up with the reading. And of course now, much of my information comes from on-line versions of newspapers and magazines.

    Ok, more than you wanted to know, but that is my summary.
    Thanks for the starter for this conversation.

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  3. I too like books, but am not opposed to Kindle, for speed of getting the book and for storage. First books were Dick and Jane and later Nancy Drew. Today I read for information on whatever project of the moment – currently tasty vegetarian cooking and knitting.

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  4. I Love reading books,I acquired that from my Mother. She would take us to the neighborhood Book Mobile, that came by once a month, and we would pick out books, Nancy Drew, Little Woman, or the ones that I remember the most. I also remember the Dick and Jane books, from elementary school. I love the feeling of holding a book in my hands, and turning the pages, marking different passages, if I choose, and smelling it??
    I usually pass my books along to friends and family, unless I become really attached to them! Some of my favorite authors, are Jodi Picoult, Nicholas Sparks, James Patterson, Francine Rivers, to name a few. I also subscribe to several magazine subscriptions, and I do try to read a scripture passage daily from the Good Book. And, I also love reading the blog from my friend, Sue Mattingly, Crooked Creek. Live! It’s the Best:)

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    1. Thanks Kay! We have several things in common. You are the first to mention the smell of books and I can relate to that and wonder if the time will come when books will all smell “old” because of the move to eReading. I recently reread “The Story Teller” by Jodi Picoult.


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