How do you feel about snow?

I love it! I especially like the fluffy kind that makes good snowballs and snow people. It has been a long time since I really enjoyed a good snowball fight, but I remember the fun when the snow packs nicely together in a ball that has the ability to frighten and sting just a little. 


One of my favorite home movies (remember those 35 mm cameras with the bright blinding light for indoor shots?) from the sixties is of an igloo built by my daughters, Raymond, and his two nieces. It was big enough for all four girls, Linda, Della, Dianne, and Allison to get inside. Winter back in those days always seemed to provide many days of that perfect snow for sledding, building forts and huge snowmen.


Once in the eighties when we were living in the country, we scandalized the neighborhood by building a very large and well-endowed snow woman at the end of our drive. She wore a halter and hat as I recall . . . but surely there was more attire. Why can I never find the photos from all those years ago? It isn’t like I don’t have them well organized in big binders stored all over the house. I can find photos among the 2,500 on my phone more easily.


Winter is a season of recovery and preparation. Paul Theroux

Although it was over seventy degrees here in KY two days ago, today we received a snow composed of the biggest flakes I’ve ever seen. While I want to say some of the flakes were as big as saucers they were not. Some were indeed as large as the rim of coffee cups, however! 

If you live in Chicago and certain areas in the Northeast U.S., I’m sure this subject is not appealing. I get it. I was hoping for an early spring here even though we’ve had a very easy winter, but there is something so mesmerizing about the falling snow that I had to take photos and sit watching it fall for an hour or so. 

Wherever you are I hope that your day is enjoyable whether here or on some other continent. 

O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind? Percy Bysshe Shelley

10 thoughts on “Snow

  1. A wonder to behold!!!! I, too, remember well-endowed snow women and hadn’t thought of them until reading your words! We built so many forts and engaged with neighbors in snowball battles. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. More cautious now but threw caution to the wind, along with snow balls in the good old days!!!!

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  2. Wow those are big snow flakes. It is raining in South Carolina and cooler than yesterday. Don’t think they are expecting snow. I am cooking a big pot of beef stew. Enjoy the snow.

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  3. I am from California, and snow is so appealing to me.
    So relaxing and watch.

    I know nothing about snow, snowballs, snowball fights,
    or snow people.
    Snow people ! a snow woman ! are you kidding me?

    It seems to me everything needs to be JUST perfect for it to snow, make
    a snowman, or even snowballs.
    People tell me, it’s not cold enough, or could you believe it’s to cold.
    Its too wet, or it’s to dry.

    Just like magic, when it all comes together just right.
    It’s the most beautiful sight you will ever want to see.
    That I know for sure !

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  4. Mom and I watched the snow today too and I commented to Mom that it was one of the prettiest snowfalls I’d seen. We also talked about the size of the flakes and on close inspection found that each saucer sized flake was really a cluster of multiple flakes, beautiful nonetheless.
    I still hope for a good deep snow before winter is over, as I need some good snow cream!
    By the way, I love Percy Shelley’s poems…

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  5. Sue, I loved all your comments about snowfalls from the past! I can remember making the Snowman, and sledding down the hills at Fort Knox with the kids when Dan was stationed there! And, I loved the snow we experienced yesterday, the flakes were exquisite! A real treat to behold! Enjoy the 70 and 80 degree weather we are going to have this week 🌞

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  6. From one who could not get her house above 61 degrees during the coldest month or so because of an inefficient heat pump, I would not call this winter an easy one. Granted there was not much snow and ice making it difficult to get around, so that part was easy, but the cold – not user friendly. I lived in Sun Valley, ID for several years. The first year there, we had 3′ of snow Christmas Eve. Now, that’s a snowfall. Syl, maybe a trip is in order if you are having snow withdrawal.

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