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OK, one does not have to be an expert to give advice. Experience gives one lessons worth passing along. I have lots of experience, 74+ years of it. Here’s my advice from an experience early this morning: If it’s 11 degrees out, you’re in heavy traffic and the morning sun is shining brightly onto your very dirty windshield THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO USE YOUR WINDSHIELD WASHER!

I have lots of experience and you would think that in 74 years I would know better. The first thing I thought of (once the solid ice melted) was to pass along this to you.

You’re welcome. 

Picture Courtesy of Pixabay

Have a safe day!


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9 thoughts on “Tip

  1. When events happen rarely, we tend to forget those lessons and repeat the same mistake. I can think of a few mistakes in life that were repeated more than once because I forgot the lesson.
    I remember having done this with the car now that you mention it. Good reminder to everyone.
    I suppose you turned the defroster all the way up and froze yourself–or pulled over to the side until the ice melted. Oh well, hope you are safe and warm.

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  2. Just did this in Kroger parking lot in MT Washington. It was late afternoon and I turned into another lane and the boom, the sun hit my windshield. Could not see a thing in front of me. Using the windshield washer did not work. Just had to stop. I won’t tell what I said to myself. At least we survived this incident. Happy New Year.

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  3. This is a very funny tip. We all know it and it’s as if we just have to see if the rule has changed. Maybe they need to add No Washer Fluid signs right beside the Baby on Board signs at the Auto Store I can put up in January. At least we are lucky enough to have sunshine in our Winters – Always a Silver Lining.

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