Infinity Suit


Yesterday I was overcome by the beauty of autumn colors. Red fire bushes, yellow poplar trees and the varying shades of sugar maples made our neighborhood its most attractive. Setting out to walk and take photos of the trees I stumbled upon some unexpected gems of nature. Mushrooms have always mystified me for several reasons. First I like the surprise as they pop out of their dark origins unannounced. Second is the variety of shapes and range of drab colors from white to black. I also like the taste of mushrooms whether raw or cooked, but I have never dared to eat any found in the wild. I recall a family who gathered mushrooms out west somewhere many years ago and one or more of them ended up needing liver transplants, but that’s not a story for today.

When I saw these especially interesting mushrooms yesterday it reminded me of a film I saw a few weeks ago. As part of a several week discussion of death sponsored by The Center for Interfaith Relations, I was at the Main Louisville Library attending screenings of two films concerning end of life decisions. One was entitled “Suiting Dennis” and I had expected it to perhaps be about a family dressing their deceased loved one. I mean, what would you have expected? I could not have been more wrong and since we are now discussing mushrooms, I want to share this intriguing true story with you.

As some of you will recall we discussed death here extensively early this year. One of the posts was entitled “To Bury or Not” and several traditions and options were mentioned.  The “Suiting Dennis” option is one new to me and I’m betting to most of you. I find it fascinating and look forward to both your reactions and your opinions.

Please watch as terminal patient, Dennis Wright and his family, make an unprecedented decision for the disposal of his remains. This film is almost 27 minutes long and introduces you to Wright and his family offering glimpses into their lives together before making this some might say radical decision. 


More Information

A trailer for the film is available at and lasts only about one minute if you would prefer a peek before committing more time.

And for those of you who find this subject as captivating as I do, I recommend the following TED talk (7 min) by Jae Rhim Lee:


7 thoughts on “Infinity Suit

  1. Hmm….. you my friend now once again…shake rattle and roll! Much more to be thinking about! I’ll never look at mushrooms the same way. Where did you come across this? Yea of course we , if you’ve ever gone wild mushroom hunting, know they grow where things are decaying….. leaves wood etc. but bodies?? Ok…. I’ll now consider not cremation but a burial suit….. How are you feeling? Is your poor knee healing? Love lots of love, Elfie

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  2. Isn’t it odd how things repeat themselves? I was stuck in traffic on Westport Road today and I was looking at some colorful trees on a beautiful green field when a circle of white caught my eye. It was a fairy ring! In an almost perfect circle were about 20 or so bright white mushrooms. I’ve read about fairy rings before. They are supposed to be where fairies gather to dance at night but I’ve also read that it’s not uncommon for mushrooms to form a circle. There is some kind of scientific reason – webbing of roots? Anyway I like the idea of becoming a fairy ring one day. I haven’t looked at the whole video but I had to share my mushroom story. Thanks for sharing yours.

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