Year One


Year One on Crooked Creek

On August 30, 2016, Crooked Creek, the blog, was first published. At that time I invited some friends and family to check it out. Good friends and family members did just that and I am so grateful for each one. In addition, readers who I did not and still, do not know are reading as a result of referrals or by chance. I am so honored to have each of you onboard and I thought you might be interested in some of the statistics that have been collected over the past year. 


WordPress, the foundation I use (rent) for Crooked Creek, provides very detailed stats and I find these helpful as I write and post, but I will provide just a few here because they are probably less important to you. 

    • As of this date last year I had posted six times and had received 24 comments on those posts 
    • The most popular day was August 24 with 17 visitors and 49 views
    • July was the month with the most likes (35)
    • People from 28 different countries have read the blog
    • As of today there are 73 followers

Since this is my first blog, I do not know if these statistics are good or average or poor, but I am pleased nevertheless. I like to write, I love to share ideas, thoughts, questions, and stories and there would be little satisfaction without you, the reader. Another aspect of blogging that the stats do not reflect is the hard work and frustration involved. There are things the platform will not allow, changes that need to be made that are impossible and elements that I still do not understand. Some of the mishaps and mistakes are obvious to you and some are not, perhaps, e.g., I accidentally lost the photos of the last twenty or so posts. Some could be replaced and some were deleted permanently from my photo files so that revision of the posts was required. 

Obviously, it is worth the effort for me since we are now over one year in existence and this is post #51. I appreciate each of you and take seriously the time you take to read and comment on Crooked Creek. There is more to come!



Thank You, Dear Readers!




6 thoughts on “Year One

  1. I am always eager to read the next blog from you. I had no idea that you had completed 51. I have read them all and enjoyed each one–somebrought tears to my eyes, some
    Stayed on my mind for days and nights, some brought back memories, some Helped me know you better and some were just pure fun.
    The year went by fast. Thanks for letting me share this part of you.

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  2. Thank you for your blog. Similarly to you I do not know how to interpret the statistics except via my own unique lens but I say, “spectacular!” The world is small, much smaller than I ever realized in my youth, but what is interesting is how many people from all over chose to listen and share their ideas. I look forward to more cultural exchanges in the future.

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  3. Your first time writing a blog, my first time reading a blog.
    I enjoyed and learned so much from your blog, as I’m
    sure you did writing it.
    You keep writing and I’ll keep reading, and we’ll both
    keep learning .

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