Gee, KY

This is my grandfather’s store which was mentioned before.

I remember it as a hub of the community of Gee, but when I look at these old photos I wonder if it was my imagination that it was a place filled with activity. It looks a bit desolate in the older pictures.

I remember it painted as the later picture with people on the front porch. I call still recall how “Pappy” would rush to that gas pump as soon as he heard a car drive up.  Yes, and my grandmother was “Mammy.” Older cousins started those names for our grandparents and I wonder if they were pleased being called Mammy and Pappy. I know that I would not have been. 

E.M. Sea in from of his store in 1937
E.M. Sea, Post Master of Gee, KY in the 1940s

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