Politics Free Zone

This blog is a Politics Free Zone.  You, no doubt, have political opinions. Those who know me personally know that I do as well, strong ones in fact.  But, I’m guessing that we have something else in common and that is being so very weary of all the political noise for the past year. It is not surprising that during a presidential election there would be a lot of bluster, irritating ads and media overreach, but that doesn’t mean it has to permeate every part of our lives. That is why I am declaring this to be one place where you do not have to hear it. You do not have to see it. You do not have to do fact checks. So, you can trust me (not like the politicians say it) that we are here to have fun, to think about life and death and to share the experiences of both.

Version 2

Thank you! And, you’re welcome! 


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